Not everybody can afford a secondary real estate property as an investment. For those that cannot, there is an excellent alternative.

Real Estate Investment Trusts

In the past 10 years (As of May 13, 2008), the Dow Jones Equity REIT Total Return Index has provided an impressive return of %159.43. It has been able to withstand the beating from economic conditions, and continues to be an excellent investment.

The index is trading at a discount as of now, and is poised for a serious rebound, to continue its 10 year trend.

If you are interested in profiting off real estate without actually making the investment, consider contacting your broker and investing in a Real Estate Investment Trust mutual fund.

Many of these funds provide a minimum of a 10% yield, which is an excellent return.

Some funds / stocks you may want to take a look at:

Ticker: SRO | DWS RREEF Real Estate Fund II
Ticker: JRT | Jer Realty Trust
Ticker: AMB | Apartment Investment Co.
Ticker: PEI | Penn. RE Investment Trust
Ticker: GTY | Getty Realty Corp.

Consider contacting your broker and ask them about real estate investment trusts.